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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

My Twilight Addiction

Well, as most of you probably know, I love Twilight.


I've been accumulating some Twi-goodies for almost 2 years and felt that part of my treatment for my addiction would be to share with my fellow Twi-drunks.

So here are some pics of my stuff:

This is from the World Premiere of Eclipse. I got an early screening pass from Nordstrom's and was able to see an early screening (9pm Pst) the night of the release...it was fucking awesome. I had the sweet shirt, great company and the golden fucking ticket.

I drink this

My goodies:

All my shirts from sweet Dazzy

My lovely mug from Caro - Bella comes when it gets hot...I love my mornings so much more now

I have great friends. They send me beautiful, thoughtful Twilight Gifts. Jellybean sent me this :D

and this

This is where a lot of my collection rests now...on my dresser, across from my bed.
Best Place Ever.

Had to add in the (empty) Vampire Wine Bottle too ;)

Oh, you wanted to see my bed? Well...okay. Lookie who I sleep with every night

I also have a Life-Size Eclipse Edward that resides in my room also, he is very comfortable there. To keep him company is a fabulous life size window cling (thanks to Sarah) that will don my slider door on the night of my Eclipse DVD party - pics of that will no doubt make their way on here too.

Okay, had to add in a Life-Size Edward (LSE) and Clingward pic too;)

On top of all my great goodies, I even spent an amazing weekend in FORKS celebrating, sight-seeing and, of course, drinking to all things Twilight. It's been an amazing ride so far and I can't wait more.

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