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Sunday, November 21, 2010

FIC REC: Dead Confederates

So, I read some fanfiction. Right? I've been active in the fandom for over a year and a half and have read so many stories I've lost count. Some of them have stuck with me, left me wanting more, had me hanging for every new update. I've been rec'd a lot of fics, beta for a lot, and stumbled upon several that I adore. I wanted a place to share some of my favorites because I'm all about spreading the love.

Enough of my jabbering, here is my first fic review.

Let me start this off with three words:




Dead Confederates by Goldenmeadow

This fic fell in my lap one day on Facebook and it took me some time to actually get to sit down and read it, as I am very busy in my RL and OL Life.


I am so glad that I did.

If I could say one thing about this fic it would be this:

This is one of the best/different/entertaining portrayals of the Cullens I've read. I want to be surprised, excited and satisfied. This does it for me.

I've never met an Edward like this. He is rough, crass, sexy and isn't afraid to whip it out and take care of himself. And that is exactly why I love it. Each character is different. It's not the 'proper' Edward you will find here...no. It's not the clumsy Bella that trips up over everything...no.

It's Eddie, don't call him Edward. Please, don't call him Edward.

Bella is tough, independent, knows what she wants.

Alice isn't the super sweet, adorable pixie that everyone automatically loves, which we always see.

And Esme? Well, I won't say a lot about her, you have to see for yourself. She. Is. Priceless.

From the very beginning it promises to be different from anything you've ever read. Don't be scared, embrace it. I'm not entirely sure I could ever do this story justice with my meager words, but I will certainly try.

DC has climbed its way into my faves very easily. Not only is there the fact that the characters are out of the 'norm' but there is real substance. A plot. There's conflict...humor (lots of it), sexy times (even more of those) but it is well written, draws you in to the point that you can't seem to hear the things that people around you are saying. I've become so passionate regarding this beer drinking, cussing, monkey stroking vampire and his siblings. The desire and need for this tough,human Bella is still there...but there is more to it. There is substance. There is history. There is suspense. It leaves you not only wanting to see more of the two of them together, but to know why. Why is he so drawn to her? Why is she so important to them all?

Is it complete?


Oh, wait, don't fret. There are plenty of deliciously long chapters for you to read..and if you do catch up there's more!

That's right, more!

Rebelward Without a Cause is a series of outtakes, character developments, and fun bits to read to entertain and more importantly, give you some insight into the story chapters. Talk about back stories...these are the cream of the fucking crop. Why is Alice the way she is?

Ssshhhh...I won't tell.

You have to read to find out. ;)

So go do it.


Take a little trip to the Deep South, kick your feet up in Eddie DcCullen's double-wide and hold on tight.

Trust me, you will be glad you did it.

Aside from the story on ff.net, DcCullen has a great blog too. Be sure to click on over there and check out the teasers, the art, the music, you'll love it.


  1. Fuck. Yes. I am so glad you decided to start off with DC. This story is underappreciated and so totally worth the read. People may have a hard time with Eddie's lingo, but once you get to that first lemon, there's no turning back. He fucks my mind good and proper :)

  2. awesome post hon. this is one of the most unique fics i've read. and one of my favorites in terms of bella and eddie's relationship. and i love that it's told from EPOV, and what a point of view it is;)