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Friday, February 19, 2010

My New Baby....

So, I was taking a shower today and this scene came to me. Like it really happened. I stood in the shower for a minute, rocked by the sudden vision, and the story that unfolded before me.

I am not a writer, I just play one on the internet, so be gentle....yadda yadda yadda

Here is part of the first chapter....

Power of Healing

Her head rested easily in my hands, her eyes barely focused on mine. I felt the warm moisture seeping through my fingertips, dripping a menacing pattern on my denim clad thigh.

I stared into her depths of chocolate that were so similar to my own, her face so battered, the blood covering most of her tanned skin.

“I love you,” her gravelly voice choked out. “I will always love you.”

I just stared at her. “I love you too,” I said, the tears tracing a ragged pattern down my cheeks, the tortured sob stuck in my throat. “Don’t go. Please stay with me,” I pleaded, my fingers rubbing lightly over her torn flesh.

I watched silently as a smile played on her lips. “You will always be my baby. My little girl.” Her smile faltered and disappeared, replaced with pain. “ Bella, I’m tired, and it hurts so bad.”

The sob ripped from my chest. “I know mom. I know. You hold on. Stay with me! The ambulance is here. They will help you,” I all but shouted at her.

I saw her wince as she tried to reach for my hand, her hand falling limply to her side in defeat. I quickly slid my other hand in hers, squeezing gently, wanting to pass all of my love to her through the contact of our skin.

Her eyes fluttered closed, the smile frozen on her lips. “Mom. MOM!” I yelled, willing the paramedics to take over, to save her.

A breath escaped as she opened them again. “He’s gone, Bella. I know that. Phil is gone. I want to be with him,” she sighed. “I am so proud of you,” she rasped, coughing, her body convulsing. “I just want to close my eyes. Just for a minute.”

I squeezed her hand, and watched the life die out of her eyes as they fluttered closed for the last time, her breath ceasing with a sickening gurgle in her chest, the blood dripping languidly from her mouth. The gentle grasp of her hand relented, her fingers went slack.

I froze.

Her hand still in mine.

Her bloodied head lay in my lap, the tears streamed down my face as I held her now lifeless body in my grasp.

“Miss. Miss!” I felt warm hands on my shoulders, pulling her out of my hands. I numbly scooted back, letting them tend to my mom.

I watched as they worked tirelessly over her lifeless body, her shoulders jerking with each push on her chest, a whooshing sound departing from her lips.

Their words were jumbled to me, their medical terminology beyond my realm of understanding. But I understood one thing.

“You want to call it?”

“Time of death, 22:13.”

There was no mistaking the meaning of that.

My eyes rested on my shoes as the tears poured generously down my cheeks, dripping on my jeans, mixing with the dark patterns of her blood already soaked there. I couldn’t bring myself to look at Renee. I saw her smile, the glimmer of light in her eyes, that is the memory I wanted.

I noticed a dark, slow pool of liquid slithering towards me, breaking and weaving with every texture in the pavement. My eyes followed the lazy path as it came to rest at the tip of my shoe, breaking over the pointed front of my leather boot.

The dizziness consumed me, the blackness clouded my waning vision. I saw the paramedic rush to me as my world went dark.

I know it's short, but I told you it was just a part of it.

'K, thanks my friends!!


  1. holy shit! u go and stop there!!! NOOO!

    oh good god! u killed ppl! i love u for that!!!
    even more than i did be4!!!

    yeah yeah i'm a sick bitch for liking ppl dieing...




  2. Awww...you flatter me!

    LOL@ people dying!

    It literally makes my want to puke to put my writing out there for someone to read! LOL!

    Thanks for reading, Maimu

  3. LOVE IT!

    Lindz! You go you crazy writer you!!!! That was intense.

    Love your ass!

  4. Thanks, Jo! That means a lot!

    Yeah, I usually keep my writing pretty quiet. :)

    I am so happy you read it, I am working on finishing the first chapter.

    Love ya!


  5. Holy shit Lindz, you are a writer no matter what you think, i already told you that before and im telling you that again! This is amazing, can't wait to read more, like soon lol!!!! You made me cry...that means your amazing :)


  6. Thanks Ali!

    I really appreciate you reading...I am super excited abuout this...hope I can take it farther!

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