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Saturday, February 13, 2010

Details Magazine

No Words are Good Enough...

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  1. I am so going to be raping this post of all these pictures when I'm on my laptop again. LOL!

    What are we going to do Lindz....it's so hard not to stare...and drool....and convulse. LOL!

  2. mother fucker!

    my laptop is going to report me, and sue me for rape, for sure now

  3. Holy shit *faints*......

    *gets back up and looks again, faints again*....

    Damn! I need a few minutes to breath......
    (i second)
    (2 second)
    (10 seconds)
    (30 seconds)

    OMG! What more is there to say, damn! these pics are killing me....

    nice post lindz


  4. I have literally been rendered useless all day because of this....the downward spiral of my day has been rapid and full of a wildly beating heart, frequent fucking hot flashes, and I won't even begin to tell you the naughty, dirty, and utterly crippling thoughts that have passed through my ROB clouded head.

    I have only just begun to gather my wits and accomplish even the smallest task...and its midnight here.

    My day has been spent on Rob. And I stand proud in admitting that.