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Monday, February 1, 2010


Okay, so today was a useless day for me, literally.

I sat at my computer most of the day, with the basket of clean, unfolded laundry that is so hopelessly wrinkled I might as well wash it again, next to me, and all three of my kids running around like maniacs as there was no school today.

So I spent some time on FaceBook with Jess taking stupid ass quizzes and laughing our asses off.

Apparently, I am only 42% awesomeness, if I were a Barbie Doll, I would be Trailer-Park Barbie, my hippie name is Freedom Daisy Sunshine, my parents should've named me Brooke, and I will die by tripping over a stick, hitting my head on a rock and slipping in the river and drowning - Oh! But at least I am not a fuckwit!

So yeah, overall, a productive morning! Then my friend LauraCullen sent me a video that someone sent to her, that started this fuckery of a blog post. I have no idea where this came from or who even found it, but lo and behold this shit ALWAYS finds its way into my inbox! And I must say, I am forever grateful for that! :)

Soooooooo of course, after watching that several times, with all this time on my hands, and feeling so inspired by that video, I had to go searching for more funny shit that made me laugh.

And...surprise! I found a few things that made me cry tears of laughter.

Seriously, how do you recover from that?

Look at the guy in the background

Poor guy just might hyperventilate!

There is something so awesome and infectious about watching someone laugh so hard. I have seriously given my ABS quite the workout laughing so hard at that the fuckery that is on the internet!

There are a shitload of funny ones out there, but I wanted to keep them short as I am sure you all don't have the damn time to sit here for an hour and watch them.

And I don't mean to pick on the News Folk, but damn, that shit is live and really fucking funny! I really felt so juvenile today laughing at other people's fuck-ups, but I just couldn't help myself.




  1. This shit is fucking hilarious! I think my favorite still has to be the Useless Fucking Piece of Shit created by Sony! I MUST have one!

    And fuck that awesome quiz!! Your 100% Awesome to me baby!! And at least you know how your gonna die! All I got was, "Oop's . . . someone killed you. Sorry." What kind of fuckery is that?! And I got Golden Whore Barbie! LMAO!

    You crack me up babe!

    Love ya!!

  2. The Sony one is my favorite one too...doesn't it make you just want to go get the stupid fucking piece of shit? I find it so funny 'cause they are so serious. I would be pissing my pants making that...oh! idea! I must make my own commercial!

    Awww..yeah, that stupid quiz shattered my overly large ego...you restored me to whole again!

    Love you!!


  3. You know, if you put your dry clothes back in the dryer for about ten minutes, all the wrinkles should come out that way. :)

    And you don't even need to tell me how lame I am for commenting on that and not the videos. XD

  4. I loved it Lindz, I needed a great laugh so thanks sooo much for that!

    hugs bb, i loved the vids so much...The model falling and them playing it over and over is so funny....

  5. I needed a laugh before bed, and almost peed myself. FUCK! LOL!!!

    Thanks for the talk Lindzy Poo, and thanks for sharing all the funnies. I loved the Sony Stupid Piece of Shit...personally I must have one just so that I can see the flashing fucking words and numbers and want to tear my fucking eyeballs out. I NEEEEEEEEED OOOOOOOOOOONE! :P


  7. You're welcome, Caro!
    I loved the 'time vampire' comment...of course!

    I come here everyday for a laugh!

    Thanks for stopping by my lovelies!

    Love you girls!