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Tuesday, January 19, 2010


Thanks for stopping by and checking out my blog.

First of all, let me get the introductions done...I am Lindz, obviously. I am a mom of three kids...boys no less all 6 and under, so you can imagine the shit that goes on in my daily life, but thats all for another day.

mom pulling out hair Pictures, Images and Photos
*So not me....She's pretty even pulling out her damn hair!

I am married and have been for a few years, yeah, my babies' daddy and all. I have a lot of interests, mostly on the creative end. I enjoy learning new shit and am mostly self taught. I have a bachelors in English Lit but have NEVER used the $20,000 piece of paper that took me too many years to get.

I spend way too many hours on the computer writing, reading, chatting and now fucking blogging. I seriously can't believe the number of social networks that are out there, and that I am a part of. Srsly...If I cant find you on FB, then its Twitter, then messenger, then good ol' MS, but if I want to, I can find anyone.

Crazy. Stalker.

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I have met a ton of really cool people and some have come to mean a lot to me, yeah, online and no, they are not middle aged old men getting off. And if they are, well, they are fun to talk to and they make me laugh, so whatever.

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My point is, I sometimes can be fucking hilarious, bitchy, and most often opinionated. I hope you come around and check shit out, and hope to make you laugh at least once in a while.

Later Gaters...

PS...I love all things Twilight, mostly Edward Cullen, Mr. Pattinson himself, so I am bound to bring that up quite regularly...if you have a problem with that, dont bother staying and I really don't give a fuck what you have to say!

Hugs 'n' Rubs



  1. Oh, my dear Lindzy-poo. My sistah from another mistah . . . I think its time to tell you the truth. I'm really 75, and lets just call me a "brothah from another mothah,"


    How do I love thee . . . ? A FUCKING LOT! You are my rock, and my point of sanity. You have supported me and encoraged me on so many levels, and you can stalk my ass on all the sites you want! Oh wait . . . you already are.

    I love you babe!


    And can I get a WOOT WOOT for Edward, Twilight, and Mr. Pattinson?

    (Woot woot!)

  2. LMFAO @ brothah from another mothah!!! I so fucking snorted on that!

    Funny that we were just twittering, messenger-ing and now blogging...BUAHAHAHA!! See, I can't get enough of you!

  3. hey bb, great work, i love it bb. Can't wait to read more. I loved the end about Rob and Edward lets just say WOOOOOT! lol..you know I love the shit out of The Twilight saga and if I didn't why the fuck would I write about it. lol!

    I love you to death Lindz...

    hugs bb

  4. Buahahaha!!! That my Trip, is freaking classic. Love everything but the end. :P (C'mon, you know I had to reply to that.)

    Awesome start! Can't wait to hear more! BFF all the way!

  5. Thanks Ali! Of course I had to mention my Twilight Obsession and Robbie!

    Love you, ALi...

    IAK...I knew you would love the ending...did that for me as much as you! BUAHAHAHAHAHA!!!
    I am happy to have a place to air my shit...let it all hang out!

    <3 you Trip

  6. Thanks JoJo! Yeah, there is so much fuckery in my life, gotta vent somewhere, right?

    Thanks for stopping by...

    Love ya, babe


  7. hey Lindz!

    *grins from ear to ear*

    i fixed my problems with bloger so now once again i can leave comments =) YAY!

    sweety vent away! i love reading u! he he he!
    and Lindz... ur awesome!!!

    ur sexy, ur cute, ur popular to boot, bitchin, great hair, all boys like to stare!

    yeah i totally had my "bring it on" moment there... i cant help it! u can never be a chearleeder in estonia... wich is propably good, because im clumsy sometimes.

  8. Hey Lindz,

    It's great to know you have this. I say it on Jo's Blog...isn't she great!

  9. Maimu! Woot! Super excited to see you here...now I have you everywhere *winks*

    OMG...BRING IT ON! LOVE IT!!! Srsly...I dig that movie, but dont tell anyone! I was a cheerleader in HS! LMFAO!

    I'm pretty, I'm cool, I dominate this school, Who am I? Just guess, Guys wanna touch my chest *snickers*

    Thanks for stopping!



  10. Holly! So funny....I am just looking at your chapter right now!

    I am so happy you are here...and yes, Jo rocks the house...love her!


    Hugs 'n' Rubs


  11. In my heart
    There always be a place
    For you for all my life
    I'll keep a part
    Of you with me
    And everywhere I am
    There you'll be
    Ans everywhere I am
    There you'll be


    Faith Hill "There you'll be"

  12. You sang to me?!?!

    OMG! You are so amazing....Thanks so much Maimu.

    Must admit, Love Faith Hill...I do.

    Hugs 'n' Rubs