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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Need a Mind-Break

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The perfect fucking thing to bring a smile to my face and warm fuzzy tingly shit in my....


**fucking perverts...I know what you were thinking**

is ROB.

So I spent some time on one of my favorite things....my enormous collection of pictures of Rob. I needed a pick me up, and this was it! So if you dont want to see it....buh bye...later....get the fuck out....don't let the door hit you on the way out.

**Cues elevator muzak**





**muzak stops**

M'Kay....ya'll know I am Team Rob/Edward and if you don't ...where the fuck have you been?

I just want to share a few of my fave's, but I have oh, so many.

Okay, thats it. I was going to comment on each one, but you know what? That's just annoying. It's like talking through a fucking movie...you just DON'T DO IT. EVER. 'Cause when I went to see NM, with two of the most supportive friends out there that aren't even Twi fans, yet stayed in line for HOURS....anyway...there was this chick next to me that yapped her fat fucking mouth the whole fucking time. I wanted to slap the fuck out of her!

YOU. JUST. DON'T. DO. THAT. I am still fucking bitter. I mean Srsly...how the fuck long have I waited for that? For-fucking-ever, thats how long. And who the fuck does she think she is? Ruining it...Wow, I really am bitter! LOL!.


Anyway...just a little peek into delicious goodness.

Hugs 'n' Rubs


PS....LMFAO at this....I know its fucking random...but HELLO *knocks you on the head* "Hello McFly," did you read the fucking blog title....RANDOM ACTS OF LINDZ...watch especially at 2.30....hilarious. I don't give a second of shit about the Conan and Jay debacle, sorry, just dont, but this was fucking hilarious. Robin Williams was FUNNY.


  1. Hee hee, FUCK he is HOT!! HOT I tell you!!

    Um . . . have I mentioned how hot he is?

    Lindz baby, you know I love ya, and what can I say? I love me my music. So you asking me for a song idea is like going to a candy store for me.

    But then you knew that.

    I'm sorry your days been so up and down. You take care of that baby boy. And give him loves from me. I cant wait till I'm living up there and can give him loves myself!

    Till then, I'll just past the time listening to good fucking music and drooling over the hotness that is Rob!

  2. You and your music are awesome, really...I remember I was so proud when I put MM on my page with Right Round...I was all fucking giddy and shit, 'cause I knew how proud you would be.

    I can't wait for you to live up here too...fuck...thats gonna be sweeeeeeeeet!!!

    Love you!!


  3. This was a much needed break to take and soothe my eyes with some serious fucking beauty.

    Thanks, Jo...I am happy we can catch up too!

    Hugs 'n' Rubs


  4. Gah!! I just had to comment again after I saw you included my favorite pick of Rob. Not sure what it is about that fucking yummy ass pic of him . . . the dirty wife beater and the rugged unshaved look . . . the cig hanging from his beautiful lips. But FUCK he is fucking sexy!!

    Thank you babe!

  5. OMFG Lindz Love the pics! God he's so fucking hot. Im so sorry little bb is sick..poor baby. I hate it when kids get sick it kills me.

    I love your ramblings lol... no matter what they are about.

    love you bb...

  6. Of course kate....I had to put that there...just for you *kisses*

    Thanks, ALI! I know...I wanted to put in so many pics, 'cause we all know I have hundreds, but I thought I will just have to do more tribute blogs.

    Thanks for being you, Ali.

    Love you ladies...


  7. OH. MAH. GAWD!

    I have to bow down to Robin Williams and his ability to make people laugh. I just am in awe of that man.

    Thank you for sharing that Lindz, it was so needed. LOL!

    As for the rest of the blog....you lost me with the pics of Rob...I'm sorry, my brain just went on fucking autopilot and I couldn't process one coherent thought. LOL!

    Love you, woman!

  8. I know, RW killed me there...so funny...yeah, RP makes me weak in the knees...thanks for stopping by...happy to give you a laugh!

    Hugs 'n' Rubs