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Saturday, January 23, 2010

Love & Hate

So today I decided to have a little change of pace.

Instead of bitching, cause honestly, that shits giving me an ulcer, I am just having a random moment. IKR? A great change!

So today I had to work, well, I don't really have a full time job, just do some shit cleaning for extra money. So while I was sweating over a dirty floor, scrubbing the shit out of it, this song came on my ipod..."Melody" by Kate Earl.

So when I got my ipod a year ago, I loaded some of the music I had, the Twilight Soundtrack, of course, and some other shit. Anyway, when I was browsing around itunes, I found the free download list and was stoked! I mean, really...who isn't in love with free shit? And the fact is, I really suck when it comes to music....literally. I am what you would call musically challenged.

So, that is how I found out about this song. So today I was cleaning, as I said earlier, scrubbing someone's bathroom floor, irritated as fuck, this song came on. And I immediately perked up, 'cause the vibe is so catchy.

And I started to get in such a good mood, amidst the smelly bathroom. This led to the natural progession of those things I love. I have been so fucking clouded in shit, and feeling really crummy that I totes ran with this good feeling, thus....this blog was born.


My Babies

wine and glass Pictures, Images and Photos


You serioiusly didn't think I would leave this shit off, right? LMFAO!!

Back stab. Pictures, Images and Photos

peas Pictures, Images and Photos

I mean...really? There is so much wrong here,
I want to poke my fucking eyes out.

bluetooth front Pictures, Images and Photos

I really, really fucking hate the new

hands-free law...and my blue-tooth is broken :(

So, thats it. There is a little glimpse into me and what makes me happy and what makes me puke, literally.

Oh...and if this doesnt make you fucking laugh, you are a lost fucking cause.

Later Gaters!

Hugs 'n' Rubs!



  1. That Vid of the babies cracks me up, i just want to keep watching it over and over...I love this posting bb. Its light and upbeat.

    I love the song too, Ill see if I can find it on playlist for you!

    hugs and love
    ~Lady Ali~

  2. Lindz baby, I LOVE your randomness here. I love that you can make me smile and laugh just by reading your words! Nothing like good music admist a stinky bathroom. I snorted at the plate of pea's.

    I still love that song . . . "our" song *wink* it makes me smile. And you are not musically challenged! You branched out immensly my little country bumpkin. Your rocking Marilyn now!

    **Wipes away a tear**

    I'm so proud of you!

    Love ya babe!

  3. US has a handsfree law? O.o ouh man! we have that too! i hate my hands free it SUCKS ASS! it never works and i never hear NO ONE so i use my head set, with what i listen to music right? so one time i got pulled over while riding my...shit again me with no words...ouh Vespa! its a motoroller?! well anyways, i am wearing my helmet and shit and ofcorse i cant talk like when i'm driving right? so i had my head set on, no not listening to music but is some fucker called me, phone would answere and so on. so the police pulled me over and I GOT A TICKET FOR WEARIN AN HEAD SET NOT HANDS FREE!!! wtf? for what? it works the same! can u tell i dont like much estonian police?

    Lindz, things that matter are the things u love!

    holy hell u have three sons! WOW! u ladys just keep blowing me away!

    maimu, owns a pink helmet. it cant be used for surviving a major hangover.

  4. Ali, those babies make my day...all I gotta say, thank goodness they are not mine! I don't care how cute they are!

    LMFAO! You guys crack me up! Yeah, C...crosses make me cringe *snickers*

    Kate..I know our song *swoons* Love you babe.

    LMFAO@ Maimu! Yeah hands free can bite my ass. For reals. My damn phone doesnt work in my house, and now I can't talk in mah damn car...the devil is punishing me.

    Jo...Yeah, those BITCHES in their undies...LOL <3 you too!