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Monday, March 29, 2010

Ode to Writers

I have been thinking about a few things lately.

I am a huge reader...HUGE. I love fan fiction, it has literally changed my life - judge me as you will.

I have been involved with it for a year now, and the talent out there never ceases to amaze me...ever. There are some very gifted writers out there that really take the chance and put themselves out there for others to either love or hate! That takes balls...I mean, serious balls.

But lately, I have been bopping around sites that house my fave Twilight fan fiction, trying to find some new stories, some new authors, and have been really put off.

I won't name any authors, because that's not my style, but let me just say that I have severely decreased my reading because of the attitudes of the writers.

I can't believe the amount of utter disregard and disrespect that some authors have for their readers. I mean, you put yourself out there, you are obviously doing it for the enjoyment of others, because let's face it, if you were doing it for yourself, you would keep it in a journal by your bedside or in a document on your computer that you could visit at your own personal, private convenience. So why do you feel that you can just ignore, insult and quite frankly slap your readers in the face?

If you don't give a shit, please keep it to yourself. If you don't give your readers the time of day, keep it in your journal. If you blatantaly tell your readers that you dont give a shit, well, fuck that. That shit leaves a sour taste in my mouth as a reader and I will kiss your fucking story goodbye, no matter how much I enjoyed it, or followed it.

When I read a story, I put my very best effort into my comments. I want you to know exactly how I felt every step of the way, I want you to know that you moved me, I want you to see how excited I am to keep reading. And most importantly, it is my way to thank you for giving me such an awesome read, thanking you for your hard work in developing a great story.

And I say this, because I am a writer. When I posted my story...I loved each and every review I ever got...I responded to them, I interacted with them, and each one was important to me. They took the time to read the shit I wrote and tell me what they thought about it. That was awesome...a true high. It may sound cliche, but honestly, it spurred me to continue.

But I respected each and every reader I had. No, I didn't have THE MOST POPULAR story, never claimed to, but it was satisfying to me. I didn't write to have the most reviews, I wrote for that one review. And I got a lot more than one. And I was grateful for every one. If it ended up being just one reader that followed my entire story, great! If it ended up being 100...even better..but that one was just as important as the other 99.

That being said, I just can't see how an author can be so....so...disrespectful to people that they are asking to read their story...if it's posted, you want people to read it, right? That's the same thing as asking.

If I see a message like that, I will pass right by the story, no matter how highly recommended it came to me. And the sad thing about that? The author doesn't fucking care.

So thanks to all of you that have cleared up so much of my reading time for other things with your pissy ass attitudes.

Now on a positive note...Thank you to all the writers that actually give a shit...thank you for keeping your ideas going, for showing your readers the appreciation they deserve. And most importantly, thanks for the fuckawesome stories! I love getting lost in the story, the characters and forget the shit in my real life, that makes a good read for me.

There is way more good than bad out there, but when you come across the bad, it really sours a whole bunch.

Thanks to the GOOD...Fuck the BAD.

That's it...



  1. My dear Lindz, I TOTALLY agree with you!! I can't stand the fucking ungratefulness out there! As a writer, I truley appreciate every single writer, be it one or a hundred.

    And it's not just writers who blatantly say that they dont care, it's also the writers that go about saying the same damn thing in a round about way. It's like if they don't meet some "review quota" they send out a mass message asking if they should bother continuing. To me thats a huge slap in the face to the people who DID take the time to review. So now it's like their reviews weren't good enough. Well fuck that.

    If you dont like the amount of reviews you get, then dont fucking write it. If you dont care about the readers, then dont post your stoy on sites for people to read.

    End of story.

    I applaude you for standing up for all the readers out there!!

    Love ya hunny!

  2. Dammit! Kateseca beat me! You nimble pregnant crazy woman! :P

    Oh Lindz, you remind me all the time of how much I miss your writing. You have a way with words, my friend. No joke.

    It really is a hard thing to swallow when you come to the realization that a writer really doesn't give a shit about anyone but him/herself...or so they claim.

    To be quite honest, I think it is a very strategically constructed and placed wall that said writers put up to ensure that they do not have to face rejection; in the end. Because we all know how hard it is when your followers do not agree with your definition of creative license, and make the decision to bail. So I can imagine it being hard for THOSE writers.

    However, for the writers that have gotten too big for their britches and forgotten what it was like to only have < 100 reviews and no one giving a goddamn about you or your story (until someone stepped in a made a fuss)...well I really don't have anything to say to you or your trifling asses except this: Enjoy it while it lasts. Those that are only taking a ride on the gravy train will hop off at the next popular stop....when the gravy's all run out. ;)

    Now, like you, Lindz, let's end this on a positive note. To all the writers that take the time to appreciate their readers the way they appreciate you...Thank you. It puts a smile on my face even if the person only chooses to say a few words. It puts an even bigger smile on my face when writers tell me "your play by plays make me giddy" *winks at Kateseca*. I really and truly do aim to please when I review...because if I'm not digging a story I will take my momma's advice and just not say anything at all.

    I love you Lindsay my Robmaniporn making QUEEEEEEEEN! *big sloppy kissies*


  3. I know what you mean, Jess..I honestly think that people have lost sight that fan fiction is just that FICTION. It is supposed to be fun, and escape, yet it has become so much more complicated and dramatic.

    I, quite frankly, don't have that kind of time...with my 3 little boys and a house to maintain, I am choosy now what comes across my computer.

    Thanks for reading my rant, I know you hear them all the time :)

    Love you like the ants love my sugar jar!


  4. Caro!!

    LOL@ nimble crazy pregnant.

    Thanks, babe. Too big for their britches is the best way to describe it ever...they hav become so full of themselves and feel that they are above everyone, and IMO, they are not. They statred off small too...and what got them there was their attitude, their readers spreading the word, but now...fuck..why do they bother?

    Anyway...getting off on a rant...But I agree...when a writer acknowledges you...love it! Not because I need any validation, it goes beyond that, it's because they know how their writing affected me...its my way of saying thanks :)

    I owe you a fuckawesome ROBMANIPORN for this!

    <3 you


  5. Jess, you are so right. I can't tell you how many times I feel like I have to review or else the story will disappear. The last time I checked, that was bribery. Not cool.

    Lindz, you so totally owe me Robmaniporn forever and always...just 'cause, m'kay? LOL! You totally rock my world with your creations and your words and just you. You're a fanfuckingtabulous person, and no one better forget it.

  6. Caro, I agree . . . it really isen't cool to pull that shit. I also agree about it being a writers way of putting up a wall to prtect themselves from rejection, but at the same time, they psoted it in the first place, so fucking deal with it! People won't always like your story. And it's ridiculous to expect that they will. Accept it and move on. Don't be a dick to everyone else because of it!

    Some writers out there, like you, Lindz, and you Carolyn . . . not to mention MANY MANY others (I could name you all, but that would take forever. You know who you are) that put time into what you write. Who actually highlight areas of the story so that they can mention it later, those of you who leave writers like me totally giddy with your words *winks at Caro*. And I feel its a slap in the face to be treated like shit when you the readers are taking the time to review in the first place.

    Sorry, Im ranting again.

    I'll stop.

    Love ya!

  7. Thanks ladies...so much. I appreciate you both as friends and writers.

    In Jess's words....DON'T BE A DICK.

    In Caro's words....'Nuff Said.

    This coming from two great writers, means the world! I mean, you get what it means to be appreciative, enthusiastic and grateful...there are a lot of writers that could learn a good lesson...so take notes, people!


    Love you girls!

  8. okay, i was in bed when u poasted it... oh wauit i was up but otherwise ocupied.

    i DO NOT LIKE when writers beg for comments! ME NO LIKEY! wtf is up with that? be fucking thankful that WE even bother! because without a reader u aint nothing! NOTHING!
    the short time i was a writer i fucking sat hours infront of my laptop and commenetd back on each and every comment! i thanked each and every one of them for reading! fuck if i would be bendy i would have done acrobatics too!!!
    i was THANKFUL for each and every comment i got, it made me fucking happy and smily.

    as a reader, i like when the writer takes time to thank the readers. it dosent mean she/he has to comment back on every review they get. god no! if they get like 5000 per chapter imagine the time it will take! BUT it is sure good to know that they read them and apriciate them. a little thank u here and there dosent hurt.
    now i know my fair share writers who are cocky enough to say stupid shit like "i need 1000 coments by monday then i will update" FUCK YOU! thats so not COOL! hate it, just hate it!

    and yes, i didnt make any point at all, sue me! =D

    Lindz is awesome, respect her and if she leaves u a comment that means ur story rocks, so be thankful! =P

  9. Awwww...Thanks Maimu!

    Right, I totally agree with getting 5000 reviews a chapter and not being able to respond to them all, you're right that shit would take all day and updates would never happen!

    But a simple thank you once in awhile is important.

    "because without a reader u aint nothing!" EXACTLY!! No matter if you are a fan fiction writer or a published writer...writers need readers or the story will never get heard...respect them, and in Kateseca's words, again, "Don't be a dick." LOL!

    You are so adorable, love you sexy baby :)


  10. I freakin love you site here woman! I am so with you on the negative attitudes that have been lurking around the fanfic world. I may not have a lot of reviews with my little 'ol story, but fuck it--that's not why I do it. I do it coz I love to write. And every review that I get is like a fucking gift on Christmas morning. I respond to EVERY review to let the reader know how much I appreciate the time that they took out of their busy life to read my crazy ass story. So, Thanks for standing up and speaking out -- You took the words right out of my mouth.
    When an author gets a little to BIG for his/her britches...I hit that little button that says remove and grin .....

    Love your ass NOM NOM...

  11. Thanks Trish for reading and posting.

    It's so great to keep in mind why we started writing in the first place...we all started out with 1 review...

    Appreciaton is a two-way street. It's all about having a good attitude and encouraging your readers to continue, not being an ass to them!

    thanks :)