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Sunday, July 17, 2011

Fic Rec: Puddle Jumping

I recently read a fic from front to back and I was blown away.

I'm behind in reading some of these stories, but in my defense I'm busy. I'm a very busy beta, banner maker, RMP master and oh yeah, a mom with a RL job.

Over the last week or so I read "Puddle Jumping" by 107YearOldVirgin. It's actually been over a week since I finished and I wanted to process all my thoughts before I sat down to write this.

I borrowed this from 107's blog....it DOES NOT belong to me, js

One Word.


Oh, and Amazing.

Wait... Thought-provoking (hyphenating makes it one word, right?)

If you've ever read a fic rec from me, I'm not about spoilers, so I try to give you my thoughts without giving away too much. In this case, I do need to reveal some of the plot in order to accurately tell you how amazing I found this entire fic.

This story, in my most basic lingo, is about love. About absolutely KNOWING what you want and NOTHING will stand in your way to get it. Of course there are other things going on, but basically..it's finding what you want and fighting for it. Being honest about feelings and just not fucking letting go.

I was moved. Beyond moved. Let me tell you why. This Edward was nothing like I ever read....and you know what? So was Bella. I've read Edward the Dom, the Sub, the Asshole, the Rich Guy, the Emotional Guy....But this was Edward, the guy with Aspergers. And I don't want to label him as that, but my point in doing that is to let you know that it was NOTHING that I had encountered.

Now 107 (as I will call her because I am lazy to type it out each time) wrote this beautiful tale of love, and not just any love....but young, all consuming, true love. Yeah, he did have a mental disability (forgive me if that is not PC - I'm not trying to start a debate) but the way she wrote it made me look beyond that. I loved him more for his literal POV on everything....but with that came his brutal honesty. It was endearing and heart warming. It wasn't a character that played games, or kept you wondering what he was up to. If he thought it, he said it.

And this leads to Bella. By far, one of the best Bella's I've seen...She was strong. So strong that I wanted to hug her. How many teenage girls in love could be so consistently logical? Yeah, she had her moments of crazy thoughts, but it took one look at him, one reflection of something he did to ground her and remind her of how he needs to be dealt with. I loved her. I wished that when I was her age I had an ounce of the maturity that she has. I loved how she adapted things to suit him, but it wasn't sacrificing what she wanted. She wanted him. Anyway she could have him. What more could one ask for? What would you do for the one you are destined to be with?

It was amazing how much the characters grew throughout this story. It truly was a story that came full circle. His emotional progression was fantastic and realistic. Her being the thing that grounded him..and vice versa. All characteristics aside, this was a love story at it's finest. Two people that were meant to be together and despite their differences, complimented each other.

Love knows NO bounds. This was a testament to that. I adored this fic to no end. Again, I know I'm late, 107 is iconic to the Fanfic world, and I am late to the party. Better late than never, AMIRITE?

If you've not read it...do so. You'll fall in love with the characters as much as I did. I also would like you to read her author's note about the story too...she says it so much better than anyone ever could.

Enjoy this story, I did. It's a nice, fast read that leaves your heart swelling with emotion.



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